Day 2 , Settling in


Boss man at Galleri Svalbard, Jan Martin Berg, super friendly and helpful guy driving us to the airport to pick up the old telecommunications gear we sent up from Oslo after finding them in the Telemuseum’s magazine at Fetsund.


Moving in to the studio we were assigned in Galleri Svalbard , excited to see if the old communications gear was still working after transport.


And the beat frequency oscillator was still alive! Humming on frequencies between 0 and 20 000 Hertz. Having problems reviving the morse apparatus we sent up though.


What is this crazy place in the north! Walking on one of the few asphalt roads clinging to that urban feeling.


Nice to see even graffiti  has embraced the culture at 78 degrees north.


The old coalmining transport systems stretching through most of longyearbyen’s infrastructure.


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