Day 5

Espen has borrowed a rifle and is finally able to get out for a walk by himself, while Trond is taking hundreds of highres photos to try out the latest photogrammetry solutions from Autodesk – ReCap Photo – which can take a series of photos shot in a particular manner and turn it into a 3D mesh or pointcloud. This technique is already turning the world of 3D scanning upside down, not only making it available to everyone (without having to lug around bulky and expensive gear) but also changing what can be scanned and how.



Ny-Ålesund Radio seen from above. Scanning a building presents some interesting challenges because to get enough photos from all angles you need to get up above the building. Standing on top of a tall ladder while holding the camera high above my head on a monopod I manage to get the shots I need, but it’s fairly time-consuming to get all around the building and it looks rather quirky – a shipload of tourists seem to find it amusing and shoot pictures of me shooting pictures…


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